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Red Ox Distillery and Silvey's Soap have collaborated to unveil a remarkable product: Silvey's Soap infused with the distinctive flavors of Red Ox Liqueurs. This limited edition box contains one of each of all five soaps (Red Ox Almond, Limoncello, Orangecello, Lavender, and Almond), plus a soap sack. Each bar of soap not only incorporates Red Ox Liqueur but also features recycled additives derived from the liqueuer-making process, including dehydrated lavender, almonds, lime, orange, and lemon peels. This synergy results in an extraordinary soap experience!

Red Ox Soap Box

  • Saponified Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Sunflower Oil,Castor Oil, Essential Oils or Frangrances, mica and additives such as lime, lemon and orange peels and almonds.

    All bars are handcut and weight approximately 4.5 oz at the time of cutting.

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